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Our Story

Whitetail Meadow Winery is owned by Deanna & Reid Haberer. We first met 23 years ago, through our parents who went on hunting/fishing trips and vacations. It wasn't until many, many years later when on an Antelope hunting trip we finally started dating. I was working south of the cities as an Automotive Engineer and Reid lived by Cyrus and farmed with his family. A year later we were engaged and I moved back to the area. I was born and raised in Alexandria and have always been a country girl. 


In 2012 we got married and the same year we bought this property outside of Lowry. I started planting grape vines right away. I have been helping make wine with dad since I was young and he taught me the basics. He always had a few vines at his place so naturally I had to have some on our property. The passion for winemaking started as soon as I planted those first vines.

In 2017 me and my dad, Dale, had a trip planned for Alaska so we ended up throwing all the grapes from the vineyard into one fermenter and left for Alaska. Six months later we tried the wine but it wasn't quite ready. A few months later we tried the wine again and it was amazing. This was how we discovered the blend for what is now know as the winery's signature Antler Red. This is when the thought of opening a winery became an idea.


In 2018 I began experimenting with different wine recipes and different fruits. Kind of a trial wine year. I dove into reading many books about wine making to learn the art.

In July of 2019, the dream became a reality when Reid and I opened the winery. The first winery to open in Pope county. I continue to create new wines and play with different blends. That is my favorite part of the process. "Wine making is the perfect balance between artistry and chemistry."

We have a beautiful daughter who loves to help in the vineyard and the winery. I think her favorite part is sampling the fruit. It really is a family business. When it's time to bottle and label both of sets of parents all pitch in. The whole family is also involved with picking and crushing the grapes.


We currently do not have a retail space for tastings but have plans in the future to build a tasting room and a small restaurant.  We are slowly expanding the winery and vineyard.

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